Our Friends At The Department Of Agriculture

Our Friends At The Department Of Agriculture

One of our great friends in Illinois, as a straw and hay producer, is the IL Department of Agriculture.  They always have lots of great information and guidance about crop rotation, organic fertilization and in general they are very helpful to farmers and other producers like us in the straw industry.  It is for this reason that we always support them and I would like to share some information from them about their Products Expo:
eighteenth IL Products Exposition will most likely occur on the fifth and sixth of March 2016, at the state fair grounds in Springfield.  The confirmed location will be at the expo center called “Orr”. From what we have heard there will me more than seventy companies from Illinois that will be giving away sample of food for free and also offer products for sale.


From what we know there will also be items such as candles made with herbs and or Soy.  There will also be soaps and lotions that are made an Illinois that are not food based but agricultural based and also will be for sale.

Again this year, a wine garden is going to be held and is usually an attraction that is spotlighted at this event.  Wineries from Illinois are allowed to participate.  These local Illinois based businesses will bring their best wines that may offered as samples but for sure will be offered for sale per bottle or case and probably have glasses of wine for sale also.

Expo Hours this year are the following:

March 5 – Saturday 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon

March 6 – Sunday 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon

The cost to get in this year is five dollars a piece except that kids that are ten and younger are admitted without cost.

We know there be more information coming about who the exact vendors are and also about any businesses that are helping to sponsor this event also.

The Promotion and Marketing Bureau of the Agriculture Dept for IL is the entity that is making all the arrangements.  From what we understand, Luke Sailer is the contact person and he can be reached at (217) 785-4873